Maxi dresses.

The other day.

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My wild and crazy Saturday night consists of crazy stacks of paperwork I need to sort through before the school year begins.

Woot! Woot!

Photo Set


Smart Girls Have More Fun!

A very cool thing.

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Teaching kids to be leaders.

How to be a leader. I dig this.

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The Educator's PLN Video Library


Tom Whitby @tomwhitby over a the The Educator’s PLN has amassed a large curated collection of education related videos that can be used for a variety of reasons. Need to show a short vid to introduce a topic or a training session? This is the place to start.
Thanks Tom for curating this collection.

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Worked hard and almost full circle.
4 years in student media…
2 years in festival coordination…
9 years in various industries of education…

And it all came down to hearing this just moments ago:

"You have one more class…you will take it in September. THEN, your Masters thesis project…"

Oh, what?!

I am ALMOST there…

I will be back for 2014-2015 school-year at my high school and this should be THE year that I should finish up with my classes.

Time to get my act together (for the third, maybe fifth, time…)!


77 Things for Teachers to Try This Summer

Some teachers advised me to look into creating a website for my class. I found this oldie, but goodie in my archives. Go ahead and get your technology on.

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Found this helpful freebie on Classroom Freebies where they describe these freebies as “Help your students focus on various informational text structures with these free posters and handouts.”


Mae Jemison: First African-American Woman in Space

Great video. Plus, this website, MAKERS, has “The largest video collection of women’s stories.”


This school year I taught William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet during the Spring semester. I do not know if I will do that for the next school-year, but we spent well over a month on reading the plays and watching two movie versions. Way too much time in my calendar, but we had unscheduled drills, special events, and guests on campus that interfered with my lesson planning.

So here are some things I did in class:

In short, I did not want to throw away the packaging stuffing that came with my Modcloth order (or was it Amazon…*shrugs*) so I used it for a lesson on Friar Laurence’s plan.

It was a group project in which the students worked together to layout their understanding of his plan for Romeo and Juliet. Some students created 8 steps, others 10.

I had the students select fifteen characters of their choice from the play and create Character Cards. They needed to provide a picture that represented the character (one student used Donald Trump as Lord Montague and another used hand-drawn symbols), three facts about the characters and the story, cite one quote that describes the character, and a description of the character.

I am disappointed that a little more than half of my students completed this project. But, here are a few examples of what I DID receive.

And, as a class review, I divided my students in groups to present, re-teach, and summarize what the students have read in class. I had each group randomly select a scene using remaining scrapbook pieces.

And their group roles were the following:
WRITER A: The Summarizer
WRITER B: Imagery and Symbolism Coordinator
WRITER C: SAM (Soliloquy, Aside, Monologue) Manager
WRITER D: Quotation Cite Manager

I need to revamp this lesson, but so far, so good.

This was one helluva lesson plan unit in Romeo and Juliet. Whew!


I do not necessarily consider THIS 2013-2014 my first year of teaching simply because I started a month late into the school-year. Technicality, I know, but I want to teach a full-year, from start to finish.

I have been assigned the Class of 2018, 9th Grade English.

YES! I requested this grade-level as my first, second, and third choice.

Now, i may be excited now…and slowly I may be drained into the school-year, but my Assistant Principal (AP) addressed me confidently before I checked out for the summer.

AP: Get some rest this summer. You have all freshmen classes next year. I need you to mold them the way you did this year.
ME: Pffftt…I. GOT. THIS.
AP: That’s what you’re still here.

I mean, if you say it like that, I feel like I am walking into this…

But, I am confident that I got this. I taught 9th-11th, and I have seen the difference and I would much rather teach 9th graders. I am teaching and learning WITH them and I would like to think that this makes all the difference.

So on Friday, I cleared out my classroom and turned in my keys.

Though I read recently that it is about the birth of one of the band member’s child, I am still going to cue this song:

Semisonic - Closing Time (by SemisonicVEVO)

"Time for you to go out to the places you will be from…"