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Yeah, I am STILL not used to seeing students in public and apparently, seeing fellow teachers in public.

Just the other day I saw my mentor teacher enter the gym. My workout routine immediately changed. Leg day turned into hide-in-the-corners-and- hope-I-do-not-run-into-him day.

Then, today, as I was dropping off donations at the local Salvation Army, I managed to park my car behind a family that was unloading their donations. And yes, one of those family members was a former student. He hugged me and, as I usually am at school when a student attempts to hug me, I squirm.

Eventually I will accept the fact I am Wonder Woman AND a teacher and that I am one in the same, right? Hehehe!

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"Oh captain, my captain."


DPS and a list of beautiful words? Oh yes.


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Student: Miss, where did you get this?
Me: A used bookstore.
Student: It is SO cool.
Me: All books are cool.
Student: But this one is old and cool, like…like…YOU.
Me: You’re lucky its the third week of school and I dont know your name.
Student #2: Yet, Miss, yet…


First of week was done and I think it went well. Let’s list what DID NOT get done this weekend.

Graded papers.
I took home a container of papers I did not read this weekend. It just sat there.

Permission slips.
Yeah, I forgot to create those for the movies we will screen in class. We’ll do that later, I guess.

Clean my room.
THAT has not happened the entire month.

Sadly, still working on that.

This will all bite me later.


School starts next week and though I have created a syllabus before, this is the first-time I am starting off the school-year from Day 1 and I am actually conflicted on what I should include in it.

Before, when I was a long-term substitute teacher, I had to put something together as requested by the Assistant Principal. Now I have to put something together as part of my actual job as a teacher.

i guess I will figure it out, but I find it a bit funny that I have Writer’s Block on this.


I had a wonderful summer, I really did. It was full of traveling, dating, studying, sleeping, eating, museum visits, a wedding here and there, and a few visits to urgent care.

There were some times that I thought would be easier on me if I had access to my classroom, so today, when I picked up my classroom keys I was informed that I could have had access to my classroom as early as last week.

In which case I was like…

The secretary informs me that teachers have been sending things to our printshop to print out their syllabus, work on seating charts, and plan curriculum. But there was no memo for this, you just simply…know. I wish someone told me I would be able to come on to campus and work on things earlier than the scheduled work date.

And so after excitedly greeting administrators and staff on how I was happy to get back to work, I picked up my keys and headed to the classroom…

You see, on the very last day of last school-year, I spent a good amount of time rearranging my desks in preparation of the following school-year. I spent this quality time at the end of the day for two reasons: (1) my dog had just passed away that same morning and I was not ready to go home and (2) I wanted to be prepared for the first FULL school-year I would be teaching.

The custodian informed me that he usually takes a picture of the classroom desks before shampooing the carpet so he can arrange it back to its original set-up. This was a good thing to hear, especially when I spent a whole lot of thinking on creating a seating arrangement that I felt would be benefit all learners.

I mean…

So when I showed up to my classroom today and unlocked the classroom door to discover that the desks were rearranged in perfect rows and out of order. In my mind I was like…

I felt even worse not remembering how I set-up my desks. I stood in my room pretty conflicted. I mean, even my actual teaching desk was moved and the table space I created for my wheelchaired student was moved across the room. Thankfully my brother was available for assistance, but for the most part I wanted to…

And so, I learned a few things as I started the (what feels like the start of my terrible twos) 2nd year teacher:

1. Find out what is the earliest time you can enter your classroom so you may decorate, lesson plan, etc.
2. Do not arrange your desks before summer vacation.

I walked off campus determined to start the school-year right.

(of course, minus the pepper spray)


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Maxi dresses.

The other day.

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My wild and crazy Saturday night consists of crazy stacks of paperwork I need to sort through before the school year begins.

Woot! Woot!

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Smart Girls Have More Fun!

A very cool thing.

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Teaching kids to be leaders.

How to be a leader. I dig this.

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The Educator's PLN Video Library


Tom Whitby @tomwhitby over a the The Educator’s PLN has amassed a large curated collection of education related videos that can be used for a variety of reasons. Need to show a short vid to introduce a topic or a training session? This is the place to start.
Thanks Tom for curating this collection.

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