Four years ago, when I worked as an After School program coordinator, I asked my 8th Grade Instructor to ask the students to write a letter to themselves that they will read during their Senior year.

And so, I mailed out those letters with a note stating how I wish them the best wherever their decisions take them.

I did not use my personal home address as the return address. Instead, I used their 8th Grade’s school address perchance that if that student no longer lives at that address, it will be returned to the school and I can only hope they can mail it out to the student. Chances are those students remain in the same school district.

Not all those students wrote themselves a letter, but I do know (because I keep in touch with the school district), that those same students are inquiring about their letters.

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    Is this what occurs in suburbia?
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    My seventh grade math teacher did this every year as well and sent them out the week of our high school graduation. We...